Banners search filter

Go to “Tools,” then choose “Media Library.”

  • You can use the search box to use free expressions as you wish. Everything you type in this field will look for what you have written, in the information content of the banner. The results will be updated as you type.

Use of the Filter (unique inputs):

· Banner ID – identification number assigned by the system automatically
· Banner Name
· Username – user’s nickname (or email) who uploaded the banner.
· Language – The content language of the banner
· CTR – ‘Clicks Through Rate’, an indicator of efficiency
· Upload Date – the date the object was uploaded
· Update Date – the date the object was edited/modified

  • Product type – banners dedicated to specific BUBA sections.

* Tip: #

  • To find banners by format (jpeg, jpg, gif, png) simply type in the search box.
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Updated on December 29, 2021
Table of contents