How to create a link

Step 1: login to your affiliate account . #
Step 2: at the top menu go to “Tools” and then click “Link Creator” : #

* You can now see your referral link, you can copy it and promote this link, BUT you won’t have data statistics for this link like clicks, impressions, sign-up and more…
Therefore highly recommend to create a link by following steps 3- 6.

Step 3: click on the blue button “+ Add Link”, a pop-up will appear: #
Step 4: write a name for your link (whatever you want). #
Step 5: (optional): #
  • Click on “Landing Pages” and choose which page on BUBA.GAMES you want your link redirect to. If you don’t set up “Landing Pages,” your link will redirect to BUBA home page.
  • You can also attach marketing-source to your link. see Marketing Sources to learn about it.
Step 6: click the “save” button and that’s it you’re done :), you can now see your link at the table. #


Now that your link is in the table, hover your mouse on the link and you’ll see several options:

  1. Edit
  2. Delete
  3. QR code = download a QR code of your link, so your players can scan it.
  4. Copy = copy the link to the clipboard.
  5. Copy-short = by clicking on it, the link will be shortened automatically by the system and copied to the clipboard.
  6. Copy-custom-short = create your own shorten link and copy to clipboard.
Updated on April 12, 2022