Media library

Step 1: go to “Tools” then choose “Media Library”

This page lists a variety of banners for you to choose from. You can use the banner you choose on your landing pages. You can use as many banners as you like.

Step 2: once you’ve choose a banner, you need to activate the banner by clicking on the Html tag sign:

Step 3: a pop-up will appear “Banner Activation”.

In the first option, the default is BUBA domain which cannot be changed.

In the second option, you may choose which page on BUBA website you want the banner to redirect to. If you keep this option blank it will redirect to BUBA homepage.

In the third option, choose your marketing source, see Marketing Sources to learn about it.

Step 4: click on the “activate” button, the pop-up will show you a JS script to copy and paste on your landing page.

Step 5: Click “Copy & Close” and that’s it, you’re done! :). Now paste the JS script at your landing page at the desired location.

Media library – my banners

In the “my banners” section, you may upload your own banners that you created for promoting BUBA.GAMES.

Why do you want to do this? Well, BUBA will build a script for your custom banner so you can track the data & statistics of the banner.


– The script won’t work on local testing only on live page/server.

– If you are writing Html from scratch, you may use your own CSS to bypass the banner size to fit in your div tag, by using style tag -> parent div -> img tag: CSS properties.

● Use the filter to find the right banner that fits you.

see banner search filter to learn about it.

Updated on April 12, 2022