How to market Buba casino on Twitter?

How to market Buba casino on Twitter?

Twitter is a little different than the other social media sites. What makes Twitter so great is, you can promote a wide variety of things that the other social networking sites won’t allow. Casinos are one of those things, and you can safely promote them on Twitter without the worry of getting banned.

The easiest way to promote Buba casino is by putting a link in your bio

You don’t want to include an affiliate link because that looks spammy. You want to either use, a free URL shortener or your own domain. Preferably you’ll use your own domain and send people to a landing page first. But, if you don’t have the money or don’t want to invest in the time to create a landing page, you can redirect the person to your affiliate URL with the link in your bio.

You can tweet your link, but be very careful

You can’t tweet only your affiliate links or the same URLs over and over again and expect Twitter to be okay with it. Twitter will ban you. Depending on the content of your URL, Twitter can ban you for spam, repeat offense, or violation of user guidelines.

What you want to do instead is regularly post helpful casino content often and some links to other sites. Perhaps you could post links to gambling guides and provide your followers with gambling tips and other related content. What you’re trying to do more than anything is to avoid looking like a spammer in the eyes of Twitter.

You can also seek out people who are looking for new online casinos to play at

This is tricky because you might come off as a spammer. What you would do here is you would search for people tweeting messages saying they’re looking for a new online casino to play at. Surprisingly, people do tweet such messages. If you find someone saying such a thing, you would reply with your URL or ask them if they would be interested in seeing the casino you like to play at.

This isn’t a method that you should spend all day doing because Twitter won’t like it. However, if you spend a few minutes every week looking for people who need a new casino to play at, you can get some extra affiliate joins and make a little more money. This is one of those strategies that you pair along with the others to make your Twitter experience a success.

You also want to be careful with the follow/unfollow method of gaining followers

You can do this, but you’ll find that the quality of followers that you receive isn’t worth your effort. You want followers who are interested in playing at online casinos. That means you don’t want just anyone following you, and that’s what you get with the follow/unfollow method. Instead, you want to follow people who have gamble online in hopes that they follow you back.


Twitter is an excellent social media site for promoting Buba casino and many other things. Always promote affiliate offers in a way that respects that platform and don’t spam. The goal isn’t to only get your affiliate link out there and nothing else. What you need to do is provide value to people and give them a reason to follow you. If you do that, you’ll organically increase followers, and you’ll see more clicks on your affiliate links.